Purim Coloring Pages!

Consider this my Purim gift to you! Print, color, display, admire!

Achashverosh: Let’s get this party started!


Esther: Not just another pretty face.


Haman: That’s a noose, not a lasso!


Vashti: What are you staring at?!

(Why does Vashti have a tail? What if I don’t want Vashti with a tail? Read my comments at the bottom of this post!)


Mordechai: Why can’t we all just get along?


Please share with your friends! Happy Purim!!

VASHTI UPDATE: I have been receiving comments from people that they’d like to have Vashti without a tail, so I have added it below.  If you are curious to know more about Vashti and why she had a tail (I always found her to be one of the more intriguing Purim characters) there’s a great history of Vashti here on Aish.com. It’s worth reading! Happy Purim :)



    • Dena says:

      Thanks for letting me know Jessica! If you need Ruth, search “Ruth paper dolls” and you’ll find that too!

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