Quick Acrylic Painting: Tamar

I’ve been drawing my FB friends, and some of them have been drawing me in return. We all love selfies, so having a drawing of yourself is twice the fun!

But then, for a change, one of my friends did an actual PAINTING of me! So…. I had to return the favor. Overcame my laziness, got out my paints, and did a small portrait painting of her. It felt great to be working with my acrylics again!

Tamar, 5.5×8.5 inches, acrylic on paper

Here are the paintings she did of me…. yup, two of them! The first one she said aged me 10 years. so she did another one. I definitely got the better end of the deal… two for the price of one!

15965079_1894145000799811_3303859113026890080_n 16143216_1895116787369299_6096394229998168803_n

In addition to portraits, Tamar does breathtaking landscape of Israel in oil. Check out more of her work on her FB page Tamar Rund Artwork.

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