FREE Passover Picture Bingo!

UPDATE April 2016: I’ve been thrilled at the response to my Bingo game ever since I posted this in 2013. Ever year I get hundreds of requests from people all over the world! People are playing at community seders, in classrooms, in retirement homes, at birthday parties, with their Seder guests, with their children and grandchildren. So  if you are playing Passover Bingo at YOUR seder this year, I hope you feel connected with all your Jewish brothers and sisters who are also playing it at THEIR Seder. Nothing like a bit of Jewish unity at holiday time!

Bingo Card 18

I love the holiday of Passover: the great feeling of knowing your house is truly clean, unpacking the Pesach dishes, setting the Seder table, eating all that lovely matza…  But I have to say it is a lot of work, both getting there and getting through it!  The seder poses it’s own challenge of keeping everyone (kids and adults!) awake and involved. If you ask around, you’ll hear many great ways that families keep things fun and interactive. One friend of mine likes to play holiday-themed games at her family dinners, such as word searches, word scrambles, crossword puzzles and, the most popular one: bingo.

The problem is, she has a large crowd over, around 30 people, and she couldn’t find any Passover bingo games that would work for so many people! So she asked me to create some bingo cards so the family won’t have to go without their favorite game this Passover!

Luckily, she doesn’t mind sharing! So what we have here are 30 different Bingo cards with a mix of 60 different pictures, including the ten plagues, items from the Seder table, characters from the Hagadah and the Exodus story. They’re cute and colorful and will help bring the Hagadah to life!


If you have a color printer, you can print them yourself, or take them to the nearest print shop to to have them printed and laminated for future use. Click here to get the FREE Bingo Card file.

Thank you, and Happy Passover! Chag Kasher V’same’ach!


  1. Rivka Ester Rothstein says:

    Your work is beautiful! Looking forward to making copies of your Bingo game for our seder.

    Chag sameach,

    ~Rivka Ester

  2. Ilene Vogel says:

    Hi, I just came upon this site and was wondering if you are still allowing people to download and reprint the bingo cards for Passover, we have 17 people coming on tuesday and I’d love to use your beautiful cards!
    Many thanks, Ilene

  3. Michelle Mileham says:

    Hi, I would love for you to send me bingo cards for Passover. I am looking for 20 different bingo cards. Thanks!

  4. Amy Birnbaum says:


    I am interested in possibly ordering many of your Passover bingo kits. I am looking to print out 50 sets of 30 cards each. Can you please send me the packet?


  5. Maya says:

    Your Passover bingo cards are absolutely beautiful. I’d love to use them for my seder – there will be about 16-18 people there. Am I able to print them from your website, or do you only sell them now? Please let me know. Thanks!

  6. terry says:


    I was looking for something new and fun to spice up our seder this year. I came across your bingo cards. I would very much appreciate being able to download them. Are you still providing them?


  7. Tiki says:

    I would love 30 cards for our Seder. My dear Mother passed away this year and while she could not do much during her last years she did love playing bingo on Monday nights. Being that the first Seder is Monday night I thought your beautiful cards would be a very touching tribute
    Thank you.

  8. Barbara Bernstein says:

    Please me the file for the Bingo game. It would be perfect for my after school program! The pictures are wonderful! Thanks so much for your offer to share.


  9. Hedy says:

    Found you on Daily Cheapskate.
    This will add some fun to the Seder.
    12 Cards would be great.
    Pesach Sameach!
    Thank you

  10. Alsa says:

    I teach 3rd and 4th grade Hebrew School. Aside from my grand-children, my students would really love this. Thank you so much!

  11. Irene Rosen says:

    I already commented on your site, but not this page so please excuse the redundant request. I am trying to add more excitement to my seder this year and Passover Bingo would be just the ticket. I am having about 12 guests. Could you send me the cards to print?
    Chag Sameach!

  12. Lisa H. says:

    Hi, could you send it to me today if possible? I hate to beg, but I am at work and can print out only today! Thank so much, this looks like to much fun for the kids!!

  13. Michal says:

    We are only 8 at our seder this year, but would love to play your bingo. The images are beautiful. Please send me the file. Thank you and Chag Sameach!

  14. Lisa M. H. says:

    I have tried many games and activities at our seder over the years but never Passover bingo. I would like to utilize your beautiful cards. I will have 20 at my table. Is it too late for this year? Thanks and Happy Passover to you.

  15. Nadine Cohen says:

    I’d LOVE a copy of your seder bingo please, it’s the perfect game to keep my guests entertained.
    Thanks so much for offering to share it, really appreciate your kindness.
    Thanks and pesach sameach.

  16. Vanessa Friedlander says:

    Hi, loved it, can you send me 10 boards?! I’m from Brasil and we don’t have things like this here, it will be the best in our seders table.
    Pessach kasher vesameach,

  17. Shayne says:

    Hi! What you’ve done is beautiful and I’d love to get a set as well. This year we only have around 14 people but 20 would be great for the future! Thank you.

  18. Nelly Grinfeld says:

    This is a bit last minute… but I would really appreciate a link to print out your bingo cards – I only need 6 for our Seder tomorrow night! Thank you in advance, and happy Passover!

  19. Leesa K says:

    I just saw this online. Your work is beautiful! I would love to download 30 Bingo Cards for our Seder.

    Thank you in advance and have a wonderful Passover.

  20. Hildy Saperstein says:

    trying to plan a little ahead as this year I will be having 2 large seders of 25 plus guests. Your artwork is really beautiful. Are the cards still available for 2015? take care and be well. Hildy

  21. Ellen Greenberg says:

    Your passover bingo cards look amazing – If you are generously still sending, we would LOVE to have them

    Thank you!

  22. Yael V says:

    Wow! I just thought of the idea of Pesach Bingo and see that you already came up with it and did it more beautifully than I ever could. Are you still doing this? Could you send me the cards? I would be grateful, and will use them in your name. (In case it makes a difference, we will be about 18 people.) Chag Sameach!

  23. Eliana Seltzer says:

    Your work is beautiful! I am running a family education program at our synagogue on how to make kid friendly activities at the seder, and I would love to use your cards. Can you please send me the link?
    Thank you!!

  24. Leora Itman says:

    Dena, I would love to include your bingo cards in a free e-book I’m making for young families to celebrate the Passover seder. Can you send me this at your earliest convenience? I’m hoping to publish the e-book early this week. Thanks! – Leora

  25. Barb says:

    Having dinner with 12 and would love to print and laminate to have at the dining table!!
    Would you mind forwarding if you still have the file?

  26. lene martsiano says:

    Hi,they are beatiful – are you sending the file this year as well?We would like 25 cards. Thank you very much and hrag sameach from Israel

  27. Nicky Silverman says:

    Hi. Happy passover! I’d love to have a copy of your bingo game for our Seder, please could you send it to me? Thanks!

  28. Aimee says:

    Great idea to keep the kids engaged during dinner. Are you still sending out this file? I have 4 little ones that I know would love this. LMK, and thanks!

  29. Tali Monte Rosa says:

    This is great! And it’s great you’re sharing it and helping us get kids involved in a fun way! Thank you so much!! Could we get a copy??

  30. Jo Anne says:

    e-mailed you last week. I have 20 coming for Passover this year. Your cards are beautiful. Is it still possible to receive and download them?

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