Hilarious Facebook Portrait Swaps!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been doing sketches of my Facebook friends. Some of them have drawn me in return, so it’s become a kind of portrait-swap thing, and it’s really fun(ny) to see how very different I look in all my friends’ drawings!

Here are some of the results of the portrait swaps. As you can see, my friends have varying levels of talent, but what matters is that they took the time to draw me and I appreciate their efforts!

Some of them are really fabulous… and some of them just make me laugh (and think to myself, dear G-d, do I really look like that…?)

15380300_10209592674788360_7121401310761208338_n 15400402_10211740988662578_4068915136237692384_n15380436_10155663795904478_8781271378113951905_n


15698171_10154846878414680_3413542116130592270_n  15940727_10154747331245351_3166364237420613721_n

15589715_1172355326219228_6572924139754905011_n  15492207_10154949318701531_8854575063203807904_n

You’d never know this was all the same person, would you?

(Except for my nose. My nose looks the same in every single picture. *sigh*)



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