Book Cover: Rebbe Nachman’s “Master of Prayer”

I just finished illustrating a story called “The Master of Prayer,” to be published as a 5-volume set by the Breslov Institute.

Here’s the cover that I just completed today:


Then there are 19 black-and-white illustrations inside the book. Here’s a preview!


Rebbe Nachman’s stories are parables used to impart deeply spiritual messages, but they read like fairy tales. Kings and queens, demons and dungeons, castles and quests! These elements of magic and fantasy make the illustrations really fun, especially for someone like me who grew up devouring the children’s fantasy section in the library.


For this book I am using Micron pens for the drawings, and inserting the textured background digitally. This is the fourth book in a set of five, so one more story to go!



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