2nd Place at the Beit Shemesh Art Festival!

Last Wednesday, I was super excited to have a painting displayed in the first annual Beit Shemesh Contest for the Arts… and I was even more excited when my painting won 2nd place!

The Beit Shemesh Center for the Arts is a new initiative in our city, whose purpose is to encourage artistic development in different areas, including art, music, photography, and literature.

I took the kids in the afternoon to look around at all the beautiful artwork. They enjoyed it for about  2 minutes before turning their attention to the pastries and soda. Isn’t culture wonderful?!dscn5236

The theme was “Shalom Beit Shemesh” which is NOT, as I originally thought, “Hello Beit Shemesh.” That would be “shalom” as in PEACE, not “Shalom” as in HELLO! Good thing we cleared that up before I started working on the painting!

In the evening there was a short program during which Mayor announced the winners were announced (there he is, holding up the painting…)



  1. Beth Firestone says:

    Hi Dena,
    Congrats! What a beautiful painting and most deserving of a prize. Your mother is very proud of you.
    May you continue to bring her and klal Yisrael much naches with your art and
    other talents.

    All the best! Mrs. Firestone

  2. Sharon Rhodes says:

    Hi, I am glad to have found your website. I am new in Beit Shemesh and with other artists in the area am trying to create an artists’ association to promote our work in the greater Beit Shemesh area. I have been trying to contact you by phone but the numbers in the shemesh phone book are no longer working.
    We have been offered two opp[ortunities to shbow and sell work and we wanted to invite you to join us. If you send me an email address I will forward to you our two sets of minutes.
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Sharon Rhodes

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