Ruth Paper Dolls for Shavuot!

Girls love princesses and pretty clothes. Girls love coloring and crafts. Put them together and you get… paper dolls! But we can do so much better than Cinderella, don’t you think? Introducing the Ruth paper dolls, just in time for Shavuot!

Lots of Jewish mom’s seem glad to have a modest-yet-beautiful figure for their girls to play with. One of my friends said: “What a great idea! I love it! My daughter is always commenting on the Disney princess’ lack of coverage.” And another mom said “So nice to have a Jewish Barbie.” This is exactly what I had in mind– REAL role models for our girls–princesses, no less– who are beautiful and royal, strong and resilient, modest and kind. Like Ruth.

Don’t know who Ruth was? Read all about her here!

The Ruth paper doll comes with 4 costumes (Moabite princess, Wealthy Wife, Pauper, and Mother of Royalty) and a cast of 3 supporting actors (Naomi, Orpah, and Boaz)!

Color them in, cut them out, add some popsicle sticks if you desire (to make them into puppets), and bring the story of Ruth alive!

Ruth Paper dolls (1)




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