Another one of my favorite subjects…

So many artists seem to have their special “thing”- they are either a portrait artist or a landscape artist, an oil painter or a watercolorist, or they have a theme or a certain, distinctive style… I love so many medium and styles, and I love experimenting with paintings and illustration style and techniques, that it’s hard for me to just pick one to settle down with!

But if I were forced to just do one thing, I think I’d be happy drawing and painting portraits all day. People are one of my favorite subjects, and every person has their own unique beauty. That’s what I like to capture.

Here is a recent drawing I did for a friend who lives here in Israel and were going to visit his mother in the US. Her father had passed away, and this is a portrait of the two of them.

parents-finalThis is done with colored pencil. It’s sweet, isn’t it? I hope she likes it!

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  1. gma and gpa says:

    I personally think that you area superb artist in anything that you undertake to do. Therefore I vote for yyou to anything that you are commissioned to do. We will see you soon. Love nd kisses from us both.

  2. Mrs. K's mother says:

    I don’t know the people, but it is beautifully done. I can’t imagine how they wouldn’t be happy w/ it. You are so amazingly talented.

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