A Portrait in Progress…

The past month has been busy and exciting, with a sweet new baby and lots of holidays! Although it’s been fun to have everyone home together, I’m glad to have the kids back in school, which gives me a few hours of peace and quiet to paint each morning…

Here is a sneak peek at my current work-in-progress. I’m really excited about it! I love this stage, where it’s kind of sketchy and unfinished, but there is still lots of work to do! For now, here are a couple progress shots:

kodimer1 kodimer2

Here’s the photo I’m working from:


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  1. gma and gpa says:

    The work so far looks perfect in every detail. Gma and I have looked it over very carefully and can see no changes from the original. Bt remember that Art Critic is not one of the many degrees that we hold. Love and kisses from US

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