Painting round the clock!

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Well  I’ve learned the secret of how to accomplish more in a mere 24 hours and I’m going to share it with you right here, in two words: SLEEP LESS! Yes, it’s as simple as that! It does leave me very grouchy the next day but I suppose everything has its price….

I’ve been painting ever spare minute I can get and I’m actually going to try an art sale on Sunday, which is making me crazy nervous that no one will buy anything. I did a sale once before and it wasn’t a smashing success… But we must put ourselves out there and make an effort and the rest is in Hashem’s hands, right?

Stuff for sale!

So I’ve been painting mezuzah frames and doorplates and hamsas and mirrors… and these two watercolors that I just love! Here is one– for those who haven’t been to Jerusalem, that’s the Kotel (Western Wall), with birds and the little notes to God tucked in the cracks!

And just for fun, here it is in a frame… cuz doesn’t artwork just look ten times better when it’s framed?!

Now it’s really special!

And here is the second watercolor, I’m quite fond of this one too. I want to do a little series, maybe a couple others, of different flowers in different colors. Click in to see the detail!

This one is a Birkat Habayit (Blessing for the Home) that I did a couple weeks ago. The door is copied from a real one in Tzfat which I thought was pretty… but not sure about the results. It’s kind of funky… what is your opinion?

Does your opinion change now that it’s framed?!

And here’s one more little thing that I painted recently… it is for a guy who plans to give it to his kallah (bride) on their wedding day. As far as I know he composed the wording himself, isn’t it sweet?

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment! I would love to hear your feedback, as always!

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13 Responses to Painting round the clock!

  1. miriam levinger says:

    Deener I want the birchas habais that you have on this page! how can i order it?

  2. Havah says:

    Love the new pieces, Dena! Yes, getting less sleep allows you to do more stuff as long as that time isn’t spent procrastinating like I do. Hatzlacha with the sale!

  3. Naami says:

    Hahhahhahhahhahahahahah omg noooo!!! Sleeping less suckssssssss!

  4. Orah says:

    Awesome work!! You are so talented!!

  5. Esty H says:

    what are “hamsas”??

    lovely pieces… i hope they buy :)
    are you selling the ones that were hanging on your wall too?

    The Flowers of Israel is lovely! definitely series material… then, you know, you have to collect them all ;-)

    • Dena says:

      Hamsas?! You know CHamsahs… those hand things that ward of the evil eye. I was thinking of painting one that says: “Bye bye, evil eye.” LOL I am so funny! I hope they buy too! YES! Collect them all!!

  6. Judaica says:

    Beautiful paintings. I love their simplicity, the paintings “throw” you to another time. Require you to take a break from the race of life

  7. gma and gpa says:

    Beautiful work. Hope the sale goes good. Love and kisses.

  8. Looking forward to reading more. Great blog.Really looking forward to read more.