Everything looks better in RED

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Welcome to my newly-redesigned website! Handsome, isn’t it? In case you don’t remember what the old one looked like, it was super pretty all dressed up in peacock colors (blues, greens, purples) but kind of distracting from the artwork. At least, that is what my friend Miriam who is an all-knowing graphic artist, told me. She inspired the new color scheme and I love it! Red happens to be my favorite color, and black makes everyone look better… so what do you think?

Is this white on black writing annoying to read? I like the black background for showcasing arwork, but am having trouble figuring out how to change the blog colors so it will be plain old black on white… easier on the eye, I think.

I also added some new things to the Judaica page and the hand-painted gift section, so feel free to browse and order something for yourself or a loved one… after all, Chanukah is coming up!

Here are some fabulous ideas:

  • Some artwork for yourself and that empty wall over there
  • A doorplate for your kid’s room
  • A personalized mirror for your daughter
  • A personalized picture frame for your mom
  • A mezuzah cover for your dad
  • A portrait of yourself or your baby for Grandma
  • A Birkat ha’esek (blessing for the workplace) for your husband
  • Your favorite poem or Eishet Chayil wreathed in roses for your wife
  • C’mon now, get creative!

And, in case you are wondering how my art sale went a couple weeks ago, it was successful enough for me to try it again. Which is good. Funny enough my least favorite piece sold the best (well, 3 prints of it), a street scene of Tzfat…

… tied with my newest piece which I do like a lot (it is a Blessing for the Home):

But no one bought my other favorites. No accounting for tastes, is there ;)  Have a great week, thanks for stopping by!



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5 Responses to Everything looks better in RED

  1. Esty H says:

    dena, the red is lovely, but you havta work on the colors!! mabuybe i can help? reading white on black is hard enough, but reading white on white is worse (try adding a comment to your post. i hope there ant too many typos here cuz i cant read what i am writing :-P

  2. Dena says:

    OK, fixed! Thanks Esty!

  3. Esty H says:

    much better :)
    the art on black is great!

  4. Ima says:

    Love the stret scene of Tsfat and the new birkas habayis and the painting you did for the school. Beautiful!!!! I would love ot bring home some posters that can be mass printed and laminated to sell for sukkah decorations