What Art Classes and Dental Offices Have in Common

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There’s a new art school opening up here in RBS, and tonight I went to a trial class on “Book Illustration.” Not that, you know, I need any help, but I was just curious to see what they were teaching there! And I have always wanted to go to art school!

I’m joking. In art, as in life, there is always room for growth and improvement. I had just forgotten how much I dislike being told what to do, and how to do it.

This one took me right back to my teenage years. I had a slew of private art teachers who taught me everything from drawing to painting to airbrushing to calligraphy (and more!). I am very grateful to them, and to my parents (and grandparents) for their support and insistence that I develop my G-d-given talents as much as possible. But seriously. Draping a cloth over a chair and making me draw every single little fold? Can you say B-O-R-I-N-G? Valuable, but dreary.

Which brings us to the dentist analogy. I like dentists. They are good people. My grandfather (may he rest in peace) was a dentist. Going to dentists is good for you. But not always fun.

Art classes are good for you. But not always fun.

Here is the first exercise we did tonight. Hold your breath and sit down, it’s really stupendous. Ready?

Earth-shattering! Ha, no pun intended...

Yes, it is what you think it is! A white sphere. But oh, so much more! Do you know that in this little drawing there are no less than 8 different planes of light? If you don’t believe me, check out this handy diagram from paintdrawpaint.com.

Elements of Light (paintdrawpaint.com)

I dutifully drew the sphere and started shading. The teacher, a lovely woman from Kiryat Sefer told me my shading lines should all go in one direction. She said it would make my drawing look more refined. I dutifully complied. Even though I like lines that crosshatch, as the incredible Andrea Joseph uses in her awesome drawings. Besides, I have no idea how to say “crosshatch” in Hebrew.

This looks pretty refined to me!

(This drawing is so awesome, in fact, that you MUST click to enlarge it to see all the detail. And if you’re into art blogs, check hers out. And no, I do not know her personally, although I’d like to.)

Anyway, I finished the sphere as quickly as possible (the only other student was having an awful time of it, she spent the best part of 2 hours working on it and, well, her drawing was obviously having an awful time of it, too). I got to move on to something slightly more exciting, but our time ran out before I finished.

Here it is. I call it, Flower in Cup.

Notice that I hazarded a few crosshatching lines around the background....

Obviously, not finished. But you know, it’s fun drawing from life, and I hardly ever have a chance to do it. It was calming and relaxing, and totally worth leaving my husband at home to put all 3 kids to bed by himself. Then again, almost anything is worth leaving the house during bedtime!

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6 Responses to What Art Classes and Dental Offices Have in Common

  1. Chedva says:

    plain old sphere to you but still the undoable to me!! :) I’m assuming in RBS you won’t be having any..ahem…people modeling, so I will settle for your spheres and still life!
    And YOU should be teaching a class!

  2. Dena says:

    Thanks Chedva! If we ever do move on to life models, I’m sure they will come complete with snoods and stockings. You know, I should teach a class! I’m going to add it to my List of Things To Do ;)

  3. Hilarious … and I so “get it!” I have a really (no really!) great picture of an egg I painted in my water color class! That was it for me! It only took one class for me to realize that I wanted to scrape and erase and make texture on my drippy paint! Totally not the accepted style of water color. So in the words of the famous Frank Sinatra song … “I DID IT MYYYYY WAAAAY!

  4. Liza says:

    Maybe YOU can be the model!

  5. Rachel Links says:

    Well there is one dental office that is an exception, That is DR Jonathan Links. Will make you laugh all the way to a healthy smile. Ask any adults or kids that have been to him.
    Beautiful Art work.

  6. Dena says:

    Thanks Rachel. You know, we’re due for check-ups :)